500 Pts - Space Wolves Army Nightwolf Company Detachment

Unit Name ## WS BS St To Wo In At Ld Save Cost
Bjorn the Fell-Handed (Dread) 1 WS: 5 BS: 5 S: 6/10 I: 4 A: 3 173
Front Armour: 12; Side Armour: 12; Rear Armour: 10; Old & Wise; Hard to Kill; Dread. CC Weapon; Heavy Flamer; Assault Cannon
  Smoke Launchers Use instead of shooting- for one turn, penetrating hits count as glancing blows. [3]
  Extra Armour Count 'Crew Stunned' results as 'Crew Shaken'. [5]
Grey Hunter Pack (Troops) 8 4 4 4 4 1 4 1/2^ 8 3+ 167
True Grit; Bolter / CCW (x7); Bolter / Power Fist (x1); Frag Grenades
Blood Claws Pack (Troops) 10 3 3 4 4 1 4 1/2* 8 3+ 160
Headstrong; Berserk Charge; Bolt Pistol & CCWep. (x8); Bolt Pistol / Power Fist (x1); Bolt Pistol / Power Wep. (x1); Frag Grenades
Option Footnotes:
  Assault Cannon 24"R, S6, AP4, Heavy 3. Jams (and cannot be used further) if 3 1's are rolled to hit.
  Bolt Pistol 12"R, S4, AP5, Pistol.
  Bolter 24"R, S4, AP5, Rapid Fire.
  CC Weapon +1A if used with another CCW / pistol.
  Dread. CC Weapon No armour save. If destroyed, use S before the /.
  Frag Grenades When attacking troops in cover, both sides go simultaneosly. Power Fists still go last.
  Heavy Flamer Template, S5, AP4, Assault 1.
  Power Fist Doubles strength, always go last & no armour save in close combat.
  Power Weapon No armour save in close combat.
  True Grit A '^' in At means the True Grit attack bonus applies to some or all models.
Total Army Cost: 500 Pts.
Models in Army: 19

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