Hello and welcome to Hakujin.Net, my personal web space.

I finally got around to updating this place, with new content and a new format. I decided it has been languishing in disrepair for too long, and I needed to brush up on my HTML skills. The new layout should be HTML 4.01 compliant, so if you notice any problems, let me know.

As for content, the bulk lies in the new Gaming section. It includes the new Warhammer 40K and D&D sections along with my older BattleTech sites. Other content inclues my Hakujin.Lan page, which describes my computer hardware and home network for all you tech heads out there. I've also updated my Links section, and added a Gallery for pics.

I gladly accepts comments, suggestions, and criticism on these pages. You are able to contact me via the e-mail address athrough the link located at the bottom all my web pages. (Remove the obvious anti-spam bits) Please keep in mind that I may be busy with other things, but I will try to reply to your mail.

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