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This site is a resource for fans and players of the BattleTech RPG formerly from FASA corporation. This site is here for one purpose and one purpose only, to share my love of the game of BattleTech with my fellow players. I offer a wide variety of materials on my site. The most extensive part of my site deals with the Clan Wolf faction of the BattleTech Universe. There is a wide selection of source material regarding various aspects of both factions of Clan Wolf. There is also information regarding my own Wolf Clan in Exile unit, the Vanguard SuperCluster.

This site also contains general information on BattleTech and the BattleTech Universe. For those of you who are new to the game of BattleTech, there is section that explains how to get started in the game, such as what products to buy and how to begin playing. There is also a Question and Answers section, with some of the most common questions I get asked and their answers. One of my most recent editions is the California Brigade, a battalion sized mercenary unit. More recently, my Clan Wolf section has undergone a massive facelift, with more source material available for you to read. It is now known as the Clan Wolf Council Hall.

Update, December 2002:
After quite a sabbatical, I've started working on updating my pages once again, but for the most part, consider my pages still in archival mode. I haven't played the game for quite a while, but I do still keep up on the fiction, so I may be inspired to write some new material.

Even though it's a bit late, I'd like to bid a fond farewell to FASA, which closed its doors. It appears that WhizKids Games has acquired the intellectual property and has licensed it to FanPro and is being supported as Classic BattleTech. There's already been a few sourcebooks and one Tech Readout produced, so we can still get new material. In addition, WhizKids has produced the Mechwarrior: Dark Age Collectable Miniatures Game. My jury's still out on MW:DA, I bought a starter set and I can't say I like the new storyline much. I have yet to play the game, so I really can't comment on it.

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