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This page is to answer some commonly asked questions. If you have a question that you would like answered, or feel that should be on this page, feel free to e-mail me the question.



General BattleTech FAQs

What is BattleTech?
BattleTech is a RPG-style board game simulating futuristic combat between large humanoid armored vehicles known as BattleMechs, or 'Mechs for short. The warriors who pilot these large machines of war are known as Mechwarriors. The basic premise is that you are a pilot who straps yourself into a two story robot armed to the teeth, and then run around a battlefield pounding your enemies into snail snot. It's quite fun, really! :) I also see BattleTech as a rich storytelling environment, in which I can create my own units.

What about the BattleTech Universe?
The BattleTech universe has a rich and deep storyline. The sourcebooks released by the FASA Corporation give extensive amounts of information dealing with the history and personas of the Inner Sphere. This aspect of the game is what I love, therefore I own a rather extensive collection of sourcebooks. For a list of which sourcebooks I have, see my Sources Page.

When does BattleTech take place?
There are three time-lines for the BattleTech universe. The earliest takes place after the the year 2750, during the peak years of the Star League. The middle time-line takes place between the years 3025 and 3050, during the height of the Third Succession War. The most current period takes place in the years from 3050 to 3058, during the Clan War, Tukayyid Truce, and the Clan Wolf-Clan Jade Falcon Refusal War. I try to keep all of my material as up-to-date as possible.

How can I learn to play BattleTech?
For detailed information on getting started, see my Getting Started in BattleTech page.


Clan Wolf / Clan Wolf in Exile

What information do you have about Clan Wolf?
Part of my site contains the Clan Wolf Council, formerly known as the Clan Wolf Home Page, which is dedicated to Clan Wolf. To see this page, follow this link: Clan Wolf Council Hall

What happened between Clan Wolf and Clan Jade Falcon?
Detailed information regarding the Refusal War can be found on my The Refusal War page.

What is the Vanguard SuperCluster?
The Vanguard SuperCluster is a Clan Wolf unit created by me. I use forces from the Vanguard whenever I play as a Clan Unit. With all the material I have about the Vanguard on my site, some people think it was creatd by the folks at FASA, but I assure you it is completely my creation. I have taken great pains to make the Vanguard fit a seamlessly as possible into the BattleTech Universe, and it seems to work. For more information regarding my unit, see the Project Vanguard page.

Can I join your forces?
Sorry, but no. I maintain a strict policy of not letting anyone join my forces. Anyone claiming to be part of my unit is lying. My policy allows me to maintain control over the quality of my unit. In the future, I might re-instate the Clan Wolf Honor Guard, which was a ceremonial unit that visitors to my site could join. Until then, keep waiting.


BattleTech on the Internet

How can I play BattleTech on the Internet?
There are several ways to play BattleTech on the Internet, such as BattleTech IRC, Mechwarrior II, Multi-Player BattleTech, and the MUSEs. Unfortunately, I don't have the time to participate in these activites, so I know little to nothing about how to get started in them. The best advice I can offer is to check out some of the sites listed on my BattleTech Links page.

How do I find my fellow BattleTech players on the Internet?
One suggestion I have is to check out my BattleTech Web Sites page.

What are MUSH/MUSE/MUDs, and how can I play them?
Sorry, I can't help you there. I haven't even tried to get an account on one, much less actually play them. I simply do not have the time to invest in playing the MUSEs. (MUSE = Multi-User Shared Environment)


I have other questions...
Feel free to e-mail me with your questions. Please include a mention of BattleTech in the Re: line, and be clear in what you are asking my about. I will respond as soon as possible. I add on to this page based on the questions I get asked in e-mail.

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