Project Vanguard

Project Vanguard

During the first phases of Operation Revival, one thing became clear, the Clans were not familiar with the combat tactics of the Inner Sphere. Certain commanders in Clan Wolf sought a program to develop new tactics, training, organization, and equipment. Project Vanguard is the codename for this special weapons, tactics, and training development and evaluation effort. The two main efforts in Project Vanguard are the SuperCluster Project and the Vanguard Naval Group.

The SuperCluster Project was developed to create a highly adaptable combat unit. The Inner Sphere began to use close-combat tactics to offset out technological advantage. Our forces could not adapt well to physical attacks and infighting. The Vanguard SuperCluster was formed to develop these tactics for Clan Wolf. The Vanguard SuperCluster is formed from two Clusters, the 1st Vanguard Cluster and the 2nd Vanguard Cluster. Both Clusters are currently under evaluation in Zeta Galaxy. The basis of the SuperCluster Project is to train two Clusters together using the same tacics and command structures. The Vanguard SuperCluster is highly trained in close-support, nightfighting, and combat drop tactics. Both Clusters recently saw action in the Refusal War against Clan Jade Falcon.

The other military tactic of the Inner Sphere that was new to the Clans was the extensive use of naval and aerospace forces. The Clans have considered their Dropships and Jumpships as non-combatants, despite the advanced naval technology. To deal with the lack of naval combat experience, the Vanguard Naval Group was formed. The Vanguard Naval Group consists of a transport division and a naval assault group. The naval assault group is trained to escort ground forces to the planet from the jump point.

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