Project Vanguard

The Vanguard SuperCluster

Some special units, such as the Sprinter-Star Trinaries and SuperNovas, have been devised for the SuperCluster project. These Trinaries are formed of OmniMechs in the medium and heavy weight classes, configured with powerful and accurate close range weapon systems. The main purpose of these stars is to rush in at high speed and deliver heavy amounts of firepower at close range, and to transport Elementals into the thick of the fighting. These tactics allow the Sprinter-Stars to be fast response units to critical spots in a battle, offering quick and heavy firepower to trouble spots. You can see a few of the custom configuration 'Mechs in the Vanguard SuperCluster Tech Readout.

Politically the Vanguard SuperCluster supports the Warden faction, they follow the philosophy of Kerensky in thinking that the Clans should protect the Inner Sphere from outside threats. Reflecting the Warden tradition of the Wolves, the Vanguard SuperCluster fought beside the Warden leaders of our Clan in the Refusal War against the Crusader Clan Jade Falcon. To this end, the Vanguard SuperCluster is loyal to Clan Wolf in Exile, under the command of Khan Phelan Kell.

Participating in a few battles of the Refusal War and battle on Wotan, the Vanguard SuperCluster sustained minor losses, and was able to retreat with the remains of the 69th Wolf Guards. After the consolidation of forces following the war, the Vanguard SuperCluster was downsized. The dismissed troops joined with the remnants of the 69th Wolf Guards to aid in the rebuilding of our touman. The Vanguard SuperCluster is now the size of a reinforced Cluster and focusing on raiding tactics. Khan Kell plans to use the Vanguard SuperCluster to raid Clan held space (particularly that of Clan Jade Falcon) for 'Mechs, munitions and supplies.

Vanguard SuperCluster
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