Project Vanguard

Vanguard Naval Group

The Vanguard Naval Group is the aerospace support group for the Vanguard Project. The Vanguard Naval Group consists of 1 Heavy Cruiser, 2 Combat JumpShips, 3 Assault DropShips, 4 'Mech Carriers, 2 Nova Carriers, and 3 Fighter Carriers. These units, together with the Vanguard SuperCluster form an operations group able to operate for extended periods away from supply bases. The Vanguard Naval Group is under the command of Star Commodore Nichelous Leroux.

Transport Assignments

All transport ships are assigned a specific Vanguard SuperCluster sub-unit to transport. The transport assignments for the Vanguard Naval Group are as follows:

  • Flamberge - Vanguard Command Star
  • Rapier - Trinary Alpha BattleMech
  • Katana - Trinary Beta BattleMech
  • Scimitar - Trinary Gamma BattleMech
  • Victory - SuperNova Delta Mixed Services
  • Vigilant - SuperNova Epsilon Mixed Services
  • Raptor - Zeta Fighter Command, Trinary Zeta Fighter
  • Eagle - Zeta Fighter First, Trinary Zeta Fighter
  • Hawk - Zeta Fighter Second, Trinary Zeta Fighter

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