Attention gamers living in or near Santa Cruz, California
Having left a couple of great game groups when I moved to Santa Cruz from San Luis Obispo, I'm looking for some new people to game with. I'm interested in the following games, but am open to others:

  • D&D 3rd or 3.5 Edition
  • d20 Modern / Urban Arcana
  • Shadowrun
  • BattleTech "Classic" (not Mechwarrior: Dark Age)
  • Warhammer 40K

I am willing to host games at my house, I live alone, so no worrying about annoying roomates. I am also willing to DM, even though I have no experience doing so. And just FYI, I'm in my late 20's and work from home as a Software Engineer.

I'll also pimp these games because they're cool, and I played them with an awesome group in San Luis Obispo

Pulp Adventure by Jeff A. Hatch
Masque of the Red Death

Summer Con at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo


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