California Brigade

The California Brigade

Mercenary Battalion

The California Brigade is a reinforced battalion sized Mercenary unit under the command of Colonel J.P. Moore. The Brigade has a wide variety of BattleMech types, ranging from light scout 'Mechs to the large Assault 'Mechs of it's Alpha Company. For maximum flexibility on the battlefield, the Brigade also contains integral artillery and aerospace support vital to survival on the modern battlefield.

The California Brigade's close ties to the Orion BattleTechnology Labs give them the unique pleasure of testing advanced weapons systems for them, be it prototype BattleMechs or new weapons technology. With it's versatile organization, the California Brigade is able to handle a wide range of mission types, proving themselves a very cost-effective unit to hire.

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Unit Summary

Unit Name: California Brigade
CO: Colonel J.P. Moore
Unit Size: Reinforced Battalion
Experienc Level: Regular
'Mech Weight: Medium-Heavy
Fighter Weight: Heavy
Armor: Yes
Infantry: Yes
DropShip: Yes
JumpShip No
Unit Symbol: Flag of the California state of the ancient Terran political union
             known as the United States.

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