Clan Wolf Council Hall

Clan Wolf Leaders (Pre-Refusal War)

The main source of Clan Wolf can be attributed to strong leadership and planning during the invasion. Despite internal political disputes, Clan Wolf retained a strong central leadership. The head leader of Clan Wolf, ilKhan Ulric Kerensky, possessed a unique quality of planning for the future. This ability coupled with the Wolves flexibility, allowed them to stand victorious at the battle of Tukayyid, because they were the only Clan to land with sufficient supplies and support to wage a long campaign. ilKhan Ulric and two others, Khan Natasha Kerensky and Khan Phelan Ward, formed the core of Clan Wolf during the invasion. Because Khan Kerensky and Khan Ward were both extremely familiar with Inner Sphere tactics, politics, and equipment, Clan Wolf's planning was extremely flexible and able to overcome the rigidness of traditional Clan tactics and strategy. Below are detailed descriptions of Clan Wolf's leaders.

ilKhan Ulric Kerensky

The key to Clan Wolf's success in the invasion laid in the mind of ilKhan Ulric Kerensky. He began the invasion as a Khan in command of the Elite Alpha Galaxy of Clan Wolf. He had held this post for an unequalled eleven years. In an army of battle hungry elite warriors, Ulric was a rarity. He showed the incredible ability to manipulate political events and people to fit his plans. Ulric let nothing get in th way of his goals. Even his greatest enemies could not deny the fact that he was a exceptional leader and warrior. Following the death of ilKhan Leo Showers of the Smoke Jaguars, Ulric was elected to ilKhanship for the remainder of the invasion. Showing his Warden beliefs, Ulric was the mastermind behind the Treaty of Tukayyid. He knew that the Clans would not adapt their fighting style to those of the ComGuards, or work together to win their objectives, he let the traditions of the Clans be their downfall.

Khan Natasha Kerensky

[Khan Natasha Kerensky]

Natasha Kerensky, known as the Black Widow, established herself as a legend in the Inner Sphere. She was the leader of the famed Black Widow Company of Wolf's Dragoons. Despite her advanced age, she returned to Clan Wolf after the death of ilKhan Leo Showers, untested and unranked. During her Trial of Position, she accomplished what nobody before had done, she defeated four opponents, earning the rank of Star Colonel. She and her Cluster, the 13th Wolf Guards, performed incredibly during the invasion, at the Battle of Tukkayyid and during the Refusal War. Despite her incredible skill, the battle on Twycross was her last. Natasha Kerensky fell on December 7, 3057 in a duel with Star Commander Joanna of the Falcon Guards. The remainder of her cluster serves Clan Wolf in Exile.

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