Clan Wolf Council Hall

Clan Wolf Leaders (Post-Refusal War)

Khan Vladimir Ward

[Khan Vladimir Ward]

Khan Vladimir Ward of the Wolves is a dangerous enemy. He was the warrior that captured Phelan Kell during the first battle of the Clan invasion. Since that event, Vlad has refused to acknowledge Phelan as an equal, starting a bitter rivalry. Khan Vlad was behind the investigation that lead to the charges of treason and genocide against ilKhan Ulric Kerensky. While fighting next to Ulric, Vlad was forced to choose between his loyalty to his Crusader beliefs or to his Clan. After witnessing the treacherous execution of Ulric on Wotan, Vlad slew Khan Vandervahn Chistu of the Jade Falcons in a Trial of Grievance. For this victory, Vlad was given the Bloodname of Ward, taken from Khan Phelan, and command of Clan Jade Wolf. Khan Vladimir Ward has now declared Clan Jade Wolf to be Clan Wolf once again.

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