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Khan Phelan Kell

[Khan Phelan Kell]

Khan Phelan Kell, the son of the famous mercenary Colonel Morgan Kell, was captured as a bondsman during Clan Wolf's first battle of Operation Revival. He was tested out as a warrior, obtaining the rank of Star Captain and became known as Phelan Wolf. During the invasion of the Inner Sphere, Phelan Wolf became the only warrior in Clan history to capture a world by himself, without combat. As the sponsored heir of Cyrilla Ward, Phelan Wolf competed for and won the Bloodname of Ward after her death. He was then voted into the position of the junior or saKhan, left vacant by the death of Garth Radick on Tukayyid. Following the Refusal War against Clan Jade Flacon, all Bloodnamed members of exiled Clan Wolf were stripped of their Bloodnames. A long time rival of Phelan's, now Khan Vladimir Ward, claimed Phelan's Bloodname. Once again showing his capacity of predicting events, Ulric Kerensky created the Bloodname Kell as one of his last acts as ilKhan, and bestowed it on Phelan. Now that Ulric and Natasha Kerensky have fallen in battle due to the treacherous actions of Clan Jade Falcon, Khan Phelan Kell now commands the Clan Wolf in Exile.

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