Clan Wolf Council Hall

Clan Wolf
(Post-Resfusal War)

Clan Wolf, now under the command of Khan Vladimir Ward is a shadow of it's former self. The smashed remains of its army are mosly of the Crusaders faction. As with the Wolves in Exile, this Clan faces the huge task of rebuilding and fending off it's enemies.

The Crusading Wolves are the biggest threat to the Wolves in Exile. The Wolves need to prove that they are not weak to the rest of the Clans, and possibly the best way of showing that they are strong is to attack the Wolves in Exile. Fortunately for the Exiled Wolves, Clan Wolf will be busy consolidating their hold on the Clan Wolf Occupation Zone, as the conquered citizens of the CWOZ have taken advantage of their captors' reduced strength by starting rebellions.

Most of Clan Wolf's time will likely be spent rebuilding and preventing predations by stronger Clans looking to absorb the now weak Wolves. There are some rumors circulating of a small alliance between Khan Vlad Ward and Khan Marthe Pryde of the Jade Falcons, though no proof of this exists, it seems logical with Clan Wolf's shift in political ideology.

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