Clan Wolf Council Hall

Clan Wolf in Exile

The Warden faction of Clan Wolf that left Clan space for the Inner Sphere during the Refusal War is known as Clan Wolf in Exile. Those of the Clan who follow the Warden philosophy believe that Nicholas Kerensky formed the Clans with the purpose and mission of defending the Inner Sphere against any outside threat.

Ordered into exile by ilKhan Ulric Kerensky in order to preserve the best that there is of the Wolf Clan, Khan Phelan Kell faces the awesome task or resurrecting a great Clan devastated by the Refusal War. Armed with eight Clusters of warriors and the complete genetic heritage of the former Clan Wolf, the Wolves in Exile have retired to the world of Arc Royal and the company of the Kell Hounds in order to rebuild.

While Wolves in Exile have been accepted by the Kell Hounds, they are faced with a two edged sword. On one side, they face the people of the Inner Sphere who are not as forgiving the Kell Hounds and may find the Wolves in Exile a convenient target of their hostility and revenge. The Wolves, who have been indoctrinated since their birth with their own superiority are coming to grips with the effects of being forced to live amongst people they believe to be their inferiors. On another front, the Wolves in Exile face the Crusader Clans, which see them as traitors to the Clans and the great Nicholas Kerensky. The Crusader Clans will no doubt resume the invasion after rebuilding and electing new leaders.

Whatever the conditions, Clan wolf in Exile must rise to the occasion and be prepared to handle any problem that comes their way, lest they be destroyed and the fate of the Inner Sphere sealed.

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