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Clan Wolf in Exile Touman

This section describes the three Galaxies that compose the touman, or fighting arm, of Clan Wolf in Exile following the Refusal War. The Unit Summaries provide an overview of the Wolf touman, breaking each Galaxy down to the Trinary/Binary/Supernova level. This table reflects the Wolf touman as of January 1, 3058.

Table of Organization and Equipment (as of January 1, 3058)

Unit Summaries

Wolf Clan In Exile
Naval Reserve

CO: Star Admiral Wolfgang Carns

Alpha Naval Reserve
Star Commodore Ransdale Kerensky
  • 3 Star Lords
  • 2 Monoliths
  • 4 Invaders
Bravo Naval Reserve
Star Commodore LaDonna Fetledral
  • 2 Monoliths
  • 3 Star Lords
  • 3 Invaders
Alpha Galaxy
4 Clusters
CO: Galaxy Commander Khan Phelan Kell

1st Wolf Guards / Clan Command
(The Golden Keshik)

Galaxy Commander Khan Phelan Kell
  • Warships: Werewolf (McKenna), Valiant (Vincent Mk 42)
  • Support Vessels: 1 Overlord-C, 3 Overlords
Command Trinary (Star Captain Ranna)
Trinary Bravo (Star Captain Delmar Kederk)
Trinary Charlie (Star Captain Evantha Fetladral)
Trinary Delta (Star Captain Carew Nygren)
Trinary Epsilon (Star Captain Deter Noruff)
Trinary Fox (Star Captain Curtis)

13th Wolf Guards Cluster
(The Wolf Spiders)

Star Colonel Marco Hall
  • Warship: Full Moon (Potemkin)
  • Support Vessels: 3 Overlords
Command Star (Star Colonel Marco Hall)
Trinary Alpha (Star Captain Thea Misjak)
Trinary Bravo (Star Captain Liston Whull)
Trinary Charlie (Star Captain Nigel Wallace)
Trinary Delta (Star Captain Thomas Ch'in)

16th Battle Cluster
(The Golden Hags)

Star Colonel Craig Ward
  • Support Vessels: 1 Star Lord, 3 Invaders, 5 Union-Cs
Command Trinary (Star Colonel Craig Ward)
Trinary Alpha (Star Captain Makai Vickers)
Trinary Bravo (Star Captain Reshondra Fetladral)
Trinary Charlie (Star Captain Donic Kerensky)

4th Wolf Guards
(The Cyclops Cluster)

Star Colonel Jera Carns
  • Support Vessels: 2 Star Lords, 3 Union-Cs, 5 Broadswords, 1 Titan
Command Trinary (Star Colonel Jera Carns)
Trinary Alpha (Star Captain Vertin Tutuola)
Trinary Bravo (Star Captain Valallen Ruby)
Trinary Charlie (Star Captain Morsha Nygren)

Omega Galaxy
4 Clusters
CO: Galaxy Commander Jocelyn Fetledral

  • Warship: Implacable (Black Lion)
  • Support Vessels: 1 Star Lord, 1 Overlord-C, 2 Lions
Command Trinary (Galaxy Commander Jocelyn Fetladral)

279th Battle Cluster
(The Golden Horde)

Star Colonel Lara Ward
  • Support Vessels: 3 Star Lords, 4 Union-Cs, 2 Leopards, 1 Behemoth
Trinary Alpha (Star Colonel Lara Ward)
Trinary Bravo (Star Captain Pewell Sradac)
Trinary Charlie (Star Captain Elva)
Trinary Delta (Star Captain Orson)

8th Striker Assalt Cluster
(The Wolf's Swords)

Star Colonel Rodham Winson
  • Support Vessels: 1 Star Lord, 3 Invaders, 3 Union-Cs, 2 Leopards, 1 Carrier
Command Trinary (Star Colonel Rodham Winson)
Trinary Alpha (Star Captain Alexia Noble)
Trinary Bravo (Star Captain Alvarez)
Trinary Charlie (Star Captain Haden Samis)

37th Striker Cluster
(The Blood Kits)

Star Colonel Deener Vickers
  • Support Vessels: 1 Star Lord, 2 Invaders, 1 Overlord-C, 5 Union-Cs, 2 Leopards, 1 Carrier, 1 Titan
Command Trinary (Star Colonel Deener Vickers)
Trinary Alpha (Star Captain Harrell Vickers)
Trinary Bravo (Star Captain Korson Torshi)
Trinary Charlie (Star Captain Vic LeRouxe)

11th Wolf Guards
(The Lightning Pack)

Star Colonel Alos Winson
  • Warship: Killing Blow (Vincent Mk 42)
  • Support Vessels: 1 Star Lord, 3 Invaders, 1 Lion, 3 Union-Cs, 2 Leopards, 3 Carriers
Command Trinary (Star Colonel Alos Winson)
Trinary Alpha (Star Captain Dana Gorga)
Trinary Bravo (Star Captain Flahar Sword)
Trinary Charlie (Star Captain Giltern Kerensky)
Trinary Delta (Star Captain Carl Misjak)

Epsilon Galaxy
(The Silent Wolves)

2 Clusters
CO: Galaxy Commander Gaylon Noruff

  • Warship: Mother Jocasta (Cameron)
  • Support Vessels: 1 Hunter, 1 Comitatus, 2 Monolith, 1 Overlord-C, 1 Union, 1 Carrier
Alpha Garrison Cluster
Star Colonel Tally
  • Support Vessels: 3 Invaders, 5 Union-Cs
Trinary Alpha (Star Captain Konrad)
Trinary Bravo (Star Captain Darnell)
Trinary Charlie (Star Captain Frederick Samis)

Bravo Garrison Cluster
Star Colonel Brett Ward
  • Support Vessels: 3 Invaders, 1 Overlord-C, 5 Union-Cs
Command Trinary (Star Colonel Brett Ward)
Trinary Alpha (Star Captain Byron Mabrinski)
Trinary Bravo (Star Captain Tamar Tutuola)

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